Who Am I?

Quick facts

NameEvert Provoost
Currently residing inBerlaar, Belgium
Digital mail addressevert <at> elecprog <dot> com (PGP)
StudyingMathematical Engineering
Editor of choiceEmacs


Nerd, programmer and № 1 at telling useless facts… Actively trying to be a scientist.

My name is Evert Provoost and I’m a Mathematical Engineering student at the KU Leuven.

Outside of my studies I have an interests in photography and typography. I also appear to have an uncanny ability to remember (mostly) useless facts…


Since my twelfth birthday I’ve accumulated varying levels of knowledge of a multitude of programming languages.

The ones I currently use the most are Rust, Python and Julia. (La)TeX is what I use for most of the texts I write and something for which I wrote a little package. Some of my most successful projects were in Go. I’ve also had some smaller projects in Java, Fortran, C, Haskell and Prolog. One language that has caught my interest is Ada, learning a Lisp is also on my to-do list.

Of course there is also my own programming language EPoL (Easy Pointer Language) which is basically a slightly friendlier version of BF though still mostly unusable.

Scientific interests

I’m currently most interested in numerical analysis especially the simulation of differential equations. Other topics that get me excited are computability theory, complexity theory, logic and combinatorial algorithms.

Apart from these topics I also have a general interest in mathematics and physics.

I’m also always amazed by the discoveries in other fields such as linguistics, biology, economics, medicine… All have important results which we use daily to better the world or use simply for the sake of knowledge.