Things I Have Worked On

Computer Science


cLC (commandline Lambda Calculator) is a commandline application to experiment with and learn about lambda calculus.


A slow, but easy to comprehend SAT solver.


Simple implementations of some fundamental algorithms.



Wrap is an open source command line tool that is able to convert Fountain and
Wrap files into a correctly formatted screen- or stageplay as an HTML or a PDF.

Fountain is an awesome format to write screenplays in English, Wrap builds upon
this to add support for different languages and stageplays whilst still fully
supporting normal Fountain files.

All this in a FOSS package that you can use straight from the commandline.


easyformat is a LaTeX package that allows the use of _ (the underscore) to add
italics and bold text and ^ (the circumflex) to add smallcaps.


Import the package with: \usepackage{easyformat}

Now you can do the following in textmode:
_italics_, __bold__, ___bolditalic___ and ^smallcaps^.

The underscore’s (_) and circumflex’s (^) meaning in
mathmode stay the same.